About Yellowhouse Aerial

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Yellowhouse was founded by Arden Shibley and René Michaud as a way to expand their creativity while taking advantage of changing te‍‍‍chnology in 2015. Arden's experience in the film industry and René's practiced eye in visual arts made a potent team. ‍‍‍

In 2016, we were granted blanket approval for flights across the prairies. Since then, we've worked with small businesses and large-scale film productions to deliver rich, breathtaking aerials that help viewers forget they're watching drone footage at all. ‍‍‍

Yellowhouse Aerial is fully trained, licensed, and insured to fly UAVs anywhere in Western Canada‍‍‍. Let us take care of the paperwork, and count on us to provide aerials that are guaranteed to impress. ‍‍‍

Standing SFOCs

Alberta, BC, SK, M‍‍‍B

NWT + YK‍‍‍


$5M UAV Liability

$3‍‍‍M Co‍‍‍mmercial Liability

Why We Do It

René grew up fascinated by cameras, taking an interest in amateur photography before becoming the owner of Bliss Photographic in 2005. ‍‍‍He has spent the last twelve years connecting Calgary through better images.‍‍‍


Founded in 2016

100% Safety Record‍‍‍

Arden studied Cinematography and New Media at the University of Lethbridge before moving back to Calgary to pursue his passion full time. He has experience as an IATSE LX and Grip, making for a smooth transition to the UAV Pilot for large productions such ‍‍‍as NB‍‍‍C Universal's Dead Again in Tombstone (2017), and CNBC's reality TV show Adventure Capitalists.‍‍‍

The Yellowhouse Aerial team now focuses on Commercial and Film aerial cinematography, working in Calgary and the surrounding area. I‍‍‍t's taken us to the top of Fortress Mountain Ski Resort, inside Edmonton's Rogers Place and Commonwealth Stadium, and to every corner of these growing cities. We look forward to getting to know you and seeing what we can create together.‍‍‍