No paperwork, no risk, no worries‍‍‍.

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Additional costs may be involved for road closures, proximity to airports, or notification of nearby businesses. Learn more‍‍‍

We Fly, You Shoot‍‍‍

We operate a full Super 35mm‍‍‍ aerial cinematography rig, complete with an extra remote and monitor for your Director, Director of Photography, or Camera Operator. Assign someone to shoot with the suspended gimbal and camera while we manage the flight path.

Leave your drone at home

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5. Wrap

At lunch and wrap, we'll make sure your DIT has all of the footage on SD or CineSSD.

We will pack up, complete our flight logs, and take care of all of the UAV equipment for you.

We Fly, You Shoot

Per Hour, 2hr min


DNG RAW / ProRes RAW / 422 HQ / 4444 XQ

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Shooting Specifics

• We Fly, You Shoot. What does this mean?

We own and operate the DJI Inspire 2 with the Super 35mm‍‍‍ Zenmuse X7 so you don't have to.

Save owning or transporting your UAV system, we have everything on site.

Batteries, chargers, media cards – drones have a lot of equipment. We have that too.

We'll work with you and fly the shot, you get the camera controls and your own monitor.

• UAV Insurance

We carry full third party and commercial general liability insurance for UAV and film/TV operations.

Your production can integrate drone flight and aerial cinematography with no additional risk.

Our policies include $5 million of coverage and we can name your production if necessary.

• Certification

Operating in Canada near buildings, roads or airports requires permission in the form of an SFOC.

We hold a standing SFOC for locations across British Columbia,‍‍‍ Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba as well as into the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. ‍‍‍

We can fly most locations with 24hrs notice. Others may require additional planning.

• Flexibility

We can operate in winds up to 36kph (22mph), and temperatures from -30º to 40º C (-4º to 104º F).

Shooting in 4K ProRes and ProRes RAW, and even 6K DNG RAW‍‍‍ for added flexibility.

If needed, we also operate smaller UAVs for additional speed and maneuverability.

• Complex Operations

‍‍‍We regularly coordinate road closures and arrange clearance from local authorities.

We require written permission from land owners wherever we fly and takeoff/land.

We can shoot at night, on mountain sides, and over water whenever necessary.

So Why Choose Yellowhouse?

We take pride in our professional service and seamless integration into productions of all sizes.

But don't take our word for it, see what others have to say about us.

With We Fly, You Shoot

What to Expect

1. Easy Quote

After we've discussed your project and shooting requirements, we will assess if your project requires any additional coordination. We can usually get you a quote same-day.  

2. Booking

If all is in order, we will finalize scheduled shoot dates and get started on flight planning.

We will provide you with all of the necessary insurance and certification documents. We make sure you have everything you need.

3. Preflight

24-48hrs before shooting, we file flight paperwork with Nav Canada, inspect and test all equipment, and make sure it's ready to fly.

4. Shooting

We require that an overview of drone safety, procedures, and flight information be included in your morning safety meeting.

We'll work with you to stay on schedule and minimize takes required to get the shot.



5 days

• Full Service

At Yellowhouse, we provide full UAV consultation and piloting, with direct delivery to DITs.

We'll take care of airspace coordination and risk management, allowing us to fly wherever and whenever you need it.

• Accessories

‍‍‍Our cinematography packages include a wide gamut of accessories including monitors, filters and lenses. See our full equipment list for standard and special request equipment.‍‍‍


U‍‍‍p to 8hrs



Up to ‍‍‍4hrs

‍‍‍Half Day‍‍‍

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