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Full color, RGB aerial image
Infrared image before NDVI conversion
NDVI Aerial Image

Say hello to realtime adjustments.

Instant data.
100% coverage.

Gone are the days of waiting for satellite passes and clear blue skies. Yellowhouse delivers actionable data next-day guaranteed, with high-resolution stitched images available upon request. Results can be quickly verified and inputs fine tuned,
minimizing waste, and maximizing every dollar.

Taking the guesswork out of field scouting, one flight at a time.

Precision Agriculture & NDVI Imaging

Getting the latest data has never been easier.

Get meaningful, shareable data.

Compatible with SST, Apex, John Deere Operations Center, SMS, Farm Works, and more.

When you call us, we can typically survey your field next day, sometimes even same-day if we're in the area. We'll need the latitude and longitude of your field, and rough acreage.

We can survey up to 1,000 acres per day, and once the survey is finished, we'll send you a link to download your Quicktiles in GeoTIFF and shapefile format.

Our NDVI and colour Quicktiles provide a fast, easy-to-read assessment of any crop, and can be used with your existing farm management software for realtime prescription mapping. They come standard with all NDVI surveying.




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NDVI stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. It compares levels of visible (RGB) light with the invisible near-infrared (NIR) spectrum. Specialized cameras on our UAVs / drones collect both types of images and the data is processed into an easy-to-read red-yellow-green NDVI map as seen below.

What is NDVI?

Healthy plants reflect most incoming infrared light, while stressed plants reflect less. Non-plant objects absorb incoming infrared light, making it easy to differentiate healthy plants from stressed plants and soil. Applying this to an entire crop can provide an accurate, realtime assessment of its health and density.

How does it work?

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Our services are available on a per-acre basis. Need a farm surveyed three times? Choose our 3-pack. Additional surveys to compare progress over time are now more affordable than ever.


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Additional Surveys


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Available in Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat, North Battleford and surrounding areas. Contact us for a quote today!

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