Learn about the benefits of comprehensive, realtime surveying.

Next-Day Data

Find out more about getting realtime data and making informed decisions throughout the season. Invite a friend to try Yellowhouse and when they book 500 acres, you save 15¢/acre for an entire season, this year or next.

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Applications of NDVI

NDVI Surveys can highlight almost any variation in a crop, meaning any kind of damage or stress will show up in the finished image. Measure overspray or trampling, or get the data for exact insurance claims.

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Data vs. ROI

Our data is viewable on a smartphone and highly compatible with your existing farm management software. You can ground truth the data on any GPS-enabled device before putting our shapefile data into a sprayer for variable rate application or “prescription mapping”. Prescription mapping can yield an increase of up to 5 bushels per acre on corn, with over 30% savings in fertilizer when compared to constant rate application [1]. Employing drone surveys on your farm can mean $10/acre ROI, even more for high value crops, or those that are more susceptible to disease. Spot diseases early, save money on inputs, and avoid areas of dense foliage that are more prone to fungus and take longer to dry.

UAV Scouting

As farmers increase the number of acres under their care, spot checking or scouting the perimeter becomes increasingly inefficient. Drones are the simplest way to collect that data, without fear of missing a developing concern in the middle of a field. We can survey up to 1,000 acres in a single day, as always with next-day delivery guaranteed. Often, data is available at field-side if time is of the essence.


We can perform spot surveys of as little as 100 acres, or compile a single data set that represents an entire section. Spot clogged nozzles on pivots, overspray from surrounding fields, or crop damage. See below to learn more about the other applications of NDVI surveying.

The convenience, flexibility, and quality of data are how UAV surveys really shine. They are safe, precise, and can take off and land vertically, even in wind. The sensors on the drones are purpose-built for agriculture surveying, and the system even accounts for varying lighting conditions, such as scattered clouds over a crop or surveys performed early vs. late in the day.

Producers today face many evolving challenges, such as resistant weeds, increasing input prices, and widely varying moisture levels, whether too much or too little. Changes in the climate and emerging infestations or diseases can compound and significantly affect a crop before they are detected with standard methods of ground scouting. Drones, or UAVs, bridge a gap in adapting to the unpredictable growing environment. They provide a current assessment of the in-field crop, as soon as next-day. Fast, complete surveys of your crop allows you to spot problems early, taking the appropriate action faster than ever before.

So Why Use Drones?