Spot clogged sprayers, identify diseases early, and measure crop damage for insurance claims.

Applications of NDVI

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Next-Day Data

There are endless benefits to having current data about crops in the ground. Get ahead of potentially damaging circumstances quickly and easily, with crop data available next-day.

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Overspray and Trampling

In the unfortunate case where animals have trampled a crop or neighbouring farms have contaminated or damaged crops with overspray, there's not much to be done but assess the condition of the crop and submit insurance claims. Our surveys make this process as painless as possible and provide instant crop health data as well as photos of the damage.

Infestation and Disease

Issues with mould, pests and diseases in crops always start small, but the key to minimizing loss is early detection and treatment. When your crop is in the ground, every day counts. Spot stressed and unhealthy plants early, ground truth to verify the threat, and employ the proper solution, all within 72hrs.

Faulty Equipment

Pivots and sprayers can clog, seed drills can malfunction. These issues can cause uneven fertilization, empty rows, or areas that are starving for water. All of these issues create unique patterns in crops that may not be evident from the side of the field, but these patterns become astonishingly clear when viewed from above.

Hail Damage

The weather can be unpredictable at best, and sometimes it hits crops hard. If you find yourself at the mercy of a heavy weather system this season, we can take assess the damage, take photos, and make exact measurements for insurance claims.

What Else Can NDVI See?

Drone surveying has a full array of applications and benefits, all in one simple flight. Employ both preventative and reactive solutions to the evolving needs of your farm in a quick and comprehensive NDVI survey, any day of the week, at any point in the season. We'd love to help you save time, save money, and increase your yield on every acre.