Drawing on over 1‍‍‍8‍‍‍ years' creative experience in its staff, Yellowhouse Aerial offers on-location aerial cinematography and drone piloting (we fly, you shoot). We operate from the vineyards of Interior BC, to the mountains of Kananaskis, to the badlands of Drumheller and beyond.

Per Hour, 2hr min

Per Hour, 2hr min


Additional costs may be involved for road closures, proximity to airports, or notification of nearby businesses. See below.‍‍‍

- Flight Near Local Airports - $49/day

When flying near Calgary International or Springbank Airports, coordination with Nav Canada is required. We have streamlined the process of coordinating with Nav Canada to obtain the proper permission.

Home & Small Business

Commercial, Film & TV

Drone‍‍‍ Cinematography for Film & Television

We've worked with producers and directors, local and visiting, to showcase all that Alberta has to offer with flexible, production-quality footage. We can shoot full CinemaDNG or ProRes, or use smaller, lighter systems fo‍‍‍r agility in demanding environments. ‍‍‍

- Canmore/Banff/Jasp‍‍‍er Travel - $99/day‍‍‍

Covering additional travel costs associated with bringing crew + equipment into the Rocky Mountains. If you're headed that direction though, we're sure it's gonna be worth it.‍‍‍

All other travel outside Calgary is billed at 80¢/km.

Cinem‍‍‍atography & Piloting

Save the hassle of bringing your drone and heavy batteries, cables, and accessories to town.
We have everything you need. Available in Kelowna, Kananaskis, Calgary and beyond.

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We Make it Easy.

DNG RAW / ProRes RAW / 422 HQ / 4444 XQ‍‍‍

Transport Canada requires a dedicated spotter for all UAV operations. When choosing Single-Pilot Aerials, productions typically provide a crew member (a ‍‍‍PA or AC) to accompany our pilot while flying. If needed, we can crew this position for an additional $25/hr.

We Fly, You Shoot is our most popular service. We provide the craft and the pilot, and your Camera Operator, DP, or Director can operate the free-rotating camera gimbal beneath the craft. We worry about the UAV so you don't have to.

Single-Pilot Aerials - UHD


Day Rate


Up to 8hrs

1080p / 4K H.264

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We Fly, You Shoot - RAW

Day Rate


Up to 8hrs

Half Day


Up to 4hrs